Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Image result for pachinko coverName: Kayla

Grade: 11th

Title: Pachinko

Author: Min Jin Lee

Published in: 2017

Pages: 479

Rating: 4.5 stars

“Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee is a marvelous journey of a young girl named Sunja who was born in impoverished Korea during the time of the early 1900s. Years later, Sunja ended up pregnant out of wedlock by a married man and refuses to see him again. Then, a kind but sickly minister helps Sunja by marrying her and taking her to Japan where she started to raise her family. Yet, being Korean in a strange land of people that criticize her people, Sunja is forced to face the troubles of poverty, race, and other dilemmas.
I really enjoyed this novel. Min Jin Lee has an amazing writing style and her descriptions are so vivid. The novel talks a lot about family and a sense of belonging that one can really connect to. It was all the drama that was enamoring along with the central roles of each member of the family and how the strength manifested within the woman despite their prescribed gender role.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this book! I would suggest this book to anyone aged 13 and above. If you enjoy dramas and Asian History, “Pachinko” is a great book for you. This novel reminded me of the book “Daughters of the Dragon” by William Andrews although they both have different plots.


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