The Cheat Sheet By Sarah Adams

Name: Shion

Grade: 9th

Title: The Cheat Sheet

Author: Sarah Adams

Published in: 2021

Pages: 336

Rating: 5 stars

“The Cheat Sheet” by Sarah Adams is an “all good vibes” best friends-to-lovers story. It centers around a ballerina who almost went to Julliard, Bree Camden, and the star quarterback of the fictional football team, the “LA Sharks,” Nathan Donelson. The pairing has been best friends since the start of high school. They’ve also had feelings for each other through all that time, although they are both too timid to admit it. The book is told from dual points of view, allowing the reader to see Bree venting to her sister Lily about how she’s falling hard for Nathan while simultaneously witnessing Nathan and his teammates creating a list of ways for him to attract Bree. Despite them so hopelessly being in love with one another, neither is aware of the other’s attraction and is heartbroken by it.

Although this story by no means is an incredible piece of literature, it’s one of those books that just puts the reader in such a bubbly mood for days post-reading. And I think everybody could use happy books like this every once in a while. Nathan is so caring towards Bree and is constantly putting her before himself and everybody else, for that matter. Despite having so much fame and attraction, he never demonstrates arrogance and self-importance. Bree is just as noble, sacrificing any luxury in life so that she can teach ballet to young children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive classes. Both have the utmost respect for each other, and observing two people who have that much care for each other made me feel so happy.

I highly recommend this book to anybody looking for a happy, sweet romance. In fact, it is probably my new number-one recommendation for that category. Furthermore, this book is perfect for anybody who enjoys the tropes of fake dating or best friends-to-lovers and enjoys the concept of “soulmates.” But even if you don’t fall in that category, I would still recommend checking this story out the next time you need something to read.

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