The Stolen Heir by Holly Black

Name: Michelle

Grade: 11th

Title: The Stolen Heir

Author: Holly Black

Published in: 2023

Pages: 368

Rating: 4 stars

This book is the fourth book of the Elfhame series, and if you haven’t read the first three, you should definitely read about those there before reading this book. This book mainly discusses the story of Suren, a queen exiled into the human realm. She forages the forest and helps humans against faes longing to return to her home. Suren ran into the prince of Elfhame, Oak, and was asked to help him in a dangerous quest to help his father. However, Suren is unsure of her decision. Will she be able to go back to her home? Or will she help the prince?

It is really well-written; there is a lot of figurative language that helped me understand the story. The author engraved each character’s emotions into sentences and used imagery to help us imagine the character’s actions and what the places looked like. My favorite character was Suren because she had terrible experiences that made her trust no one, but she also gained the ability to think quickly. Additionally, she has helped the humans against the faes, even while knowing how dangerous they are; this shows how Suren is a strong woman who helps the weak.

I would definitely recommend this book because there are a lot of interesting events and characters in the book. I was into it the moment I finished the first chapter. If you love fiction and faeries, you should definitely read this book because this book was made for you. All the characters are carefully designed, and their personality and action are just so fun to read about. And Suren is definitely one of the best characters that has both the personality and the action.

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