Tell me three things by julie buxbaum

Name: Ruby

Grade: 10th

Title: Tell Me Three Things

Author: Julie Buxbaum

Published in: 2016

Pages: 352

Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum tells the story of a high school teen, Jessie, who recently lost her mom. Jessie moves from Chicago to a fancy town in Los Angeles after her dad elopes with a woman he met online. She is forced to start attending a prep school in the new town where she is now living with her dad, stepmom, and stepbrother. Shortly after she starts at her new school, Jessie gets an anonymous email from Somebody/Nobody. At first, Jessie is suspicious of what Somebody/Nobody’s intentions are, but throughout the book, you get to see the development of their relationship over their emails. When reading this book, you see Jessie’s experience facing a new school, family, and peers and creating a relationship with someone she has never met before.

I personally liked this book. It seemed like the perfect length to thoroughly delve into this story without boring the reader. I loved seeing the different relationships that Jessie had and developed throughout the story of the book. The mystery of who Somebody/Nobody was, was a great plot point for this story.

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