The Summer of Broken rules by k.l. walther

Name: Shion

Grade: 9th

Title: The Summer of Broken Rules

Author: K.L. Walther

Published in: 2021

Pages: 384

Rating: 4 stars

The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther is a young adult romance book with a fun summery vibe. The story centers around Meredith, a teenage girl, and her first annual family trip to Martha’s Vineyard since her sister, Claire, passed away in a car accident. For multiple years after the pass, Meredith blocked out all her friends and relatives, and she and her parents didn’t go to their usual family summer vacation. However, with her cousin, Sarah, getting married, she decides it’s finally time for her to venture into the real world. What she doesn’t expect, though, especially so soon after breaking up with her boyfriend of 4 years, is to find her perfect match. She spends the wedding time trying to carry her sister’s legacy of being an assassin champion, but when she meets a certain groomsman, she becomes distracted and risks not only losing the game but also breaking her promise.

What made this book such a good read for me was the love all the characters had for each other. There were many good examples of healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic. Meredith’s friends and family obviously care so deeply about her, as she does they. The main couple’s compassion and devotion to each other are so heartwarming, as are the newlyweds. I feel that a lot of romance novels include some toxic element, and although it can be intriguing storywise, it’s nice to be able to just read about happy relationships every once in a while. Despite her going through troubles with her friendships after blocking out so many people, throughout the course of the novel, Meredith can overcome those issues and is overall a pretty sustainable role model. All the novel’s characters are charming, charismatic, and fun to read about.

The Summer of Broken Rules is the perfect read for when you want a little more happiness in your life, especially during the summer. It will immediately transport you to a warm, sunny, summer vacation. I recommend reading this book if you are just getting into reading, are in a slump, or just want a cute and fun new read. I assure you that you’ll finish it in a pinch and be left with a warm feeling in your heart. Also, this novel includes a lot of references to Taylor Swift and her songs, so I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a fan.

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