The genesis wars by akemi dawn bowman

Name: Aracely

Grade: 11th

Title: The Genesis Wars

Author: Akemi Dawn Bowman

Published in: 2022

Pages: 391

Rating: 3 stars

The Genesis Wars by Akemi Dawn Bowman is a book about a girl named Nami, who escapes a brutal event and trains her body and mind to help her rescued friends and look for her sister. As she goes through multiple struggles, she finds ways to team up with others in order to reach her goal. However, the person who holds all the answers is none other than the person who betrayed Nami in the past; how she will pass through these walls is up to her decision..

The book was wild and interesting. I liked how the main character, Nami, focuses on her goals and the lives of others struggling with the same issue. The series of events that pile up together make a fun riddle and mystery for the reader also to try and solve. Some of the events that happened were kind of weird, and sometimes, the characters didn’t engage well, but the theme of the book is amazing and the story was always on a constant flow, and I never felt like I was lost when reading. The theme of care and mindset really helps people who read this book to feel confident with themselves and that not everything in life must be done by themselves.

I would recommend this book if you like mystery and action. The plot is very interesting, and it will definitely make you feel confident in life. This book reminded me of Ann Fraistat’s book, What We Harvest. Overall, definitely a good book to read.

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