Parachutes by kelly yang

Name: Ellie

Grade: 7th

Title: Parachutes

Author: Kelly Yang

Published in: 2020

Pages: 476

Rating: 5 stars

Parachutes by Kelly Yang is a book about the interesting perspectives of two young ladies, Dani and Claire. These two girls end up living in the same house with completely different lives before meeting each other. Dani is smart, capable, and determined. On the other hand, Claire is popular, spoiled, and pretty. Although they have trouble getting along at first, they sometimes find themselves slowly needing to lean on each other’s shoulders. This story is about two girls from unalike backgrounds ending up in similar yet different life stories.

When I first started reading this, I felt that this was a book that was hard to put down because of all the thoughts and emotions that the two people had. I thought this book was very interesting because I felt like I could really resonate with these characters’ feelings without ever actually experiencing some of the scenarios. At times, I remember feeling scared or nervous for the characters, which, to me, is a sign that the author did a fantastic job delivering the scenes.

My favorite character between the two girls is Claire. I think Claire is my favorite character because, for most of the book, people wrong her and have many untrue opinions about her. There was much more action in her life than in Dani’s, making her side of the novel more exhilarating. Overall, the book made me feel a lot of things; happy, excited, sad, scared, anxious, nervous, and a combination of these things.

I would recommend this book to people looking to feel all the emotions and people who want to experience the perceptions of people who come from polar opposite childhoods. This book was very entertaining, and I couldn’t wait to turn the page. I hope whoever reads this enjoys the book as much as I did.

Trigger Warning: This book contains sexual abuse content that may be disturbing to readers.

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