What We Harvest by Ann Fraistat

Name: Aracely

Grade: 11th

Title: What We Harvest

Author: Ann Fraistat

Published in: 2022

Pages: 338

Rating: 3 stars

“What We Harvest” by Ann Fraistat is a story of a teenage girl named Wren who goes through a deadly corruption called blight in their farm which kills most of what her town’s crops and wealth is supposed to be. With most of the town’s people, including her parents, gone missing in the deeper blighted parts of the woods, she is determined to fix and solve what is causing the destruction of her life. Though all possible causes lead to a dead end, her dreams will not go to waste and she will fix it with the last person she will possibly contact, her ex-boyfriend Derek, as they go through desperation to fix their path while fighting for survival.

Personally, I liked it, it was a good book, full of mystery and desperation to know more and the thought of fixing something that is important for you. This book also talks about the importance of fixing something that is negatively affecting the world, even though it is a dangerous idea. Wren is a good character representation of this vision, someone who wants to fix what is being lost in the dark, hoping to restore what is missing. This book deeply shows a true perspective of the world, many ignore problems such as anthropogenic and environmental issues and assume that someone else will do it while they are also involved in that situation. Wren and Derek’s thoughts about restoring their destroyed dreams makes people see what our world is also going through.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, people find ways to stay connected and try to make life more joyful. Not only did this book show us a fictional apocalyptic event, but also the importance of not forgetting what’s lost. I would recommend this book. Even though I gave it three out of five stars, it shows a good lesson on humanity. This book also has a lot of mystery and horror themes, so it is a good choice for many. This book reminds me of Emma Berquist’s “Missing, Presumed Dead” novel, so if you like horror or mystery books, this is a perfect one, especially since it is also similar to an apocalypse theme.

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