Bone (second book) by Jeff Smith

Name: Joshua

Grade: 10th

Title: Bone (second book)

Author: Jeff Smith

Published in: 2020

Pages: 132

Rating: 4 stars

As a continuation of the first book I say it’s decent. Phone Bone now wants to get rich in a more quick way. However this backfires and like the last book he gets lost in the middle of nowhere once again. The rat creatures now have different plans. They don’t want to kill the Bone brothers just now. They’d like to take their time with some other business. Meanwhile Phoney Bone wants to join a race which can potentially help him get rich again.

I enjoyed the second book. Despite its flaws mainly due to the cartoonish moments I still feel it’s a nice book to read. Similar to the other Bone books I do not mind it at all other than certain moments I find weird due to the fact it’s targeted towards teens. Also enjoy how Phoney Bone wanted to join a race and stuff.

This, like its predecessor, should definitely be read. Not only is it short and fun, it is definitely a book that is well worth reading. I do have some criticisms like the art style being cartoonish but other than that I really don’t mind the book. In the end definitely pick this book up if you want to pass the time.

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