Bone by Jeff Smith

Name: Joshua

Grade: 10th

Title: Bone (first book)

Author: Jeff Smith

Published in: 2020

Pages: 138

Rating: 4 stars

This is one of those books teens probably read when they have nothing to do. This is a graphic novel on how Fone Bone was run out of Boneville and left to die in the middle of nowhere with his cousins. We see him trying to escape and survive throughout the book. They encounter certain rat creatures and said creatures are the main antagonist of said book who are trying to kill them. This leaves them trying to be careful with every step and evading them constantly until they find a refugee so they can live.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It is a fun read and is definitely something I can easily read without wanting to stop often. Only problem is that I don’t like how it’s somewhat cartoonish and is meant more for a younger audience, which I can’t judge hard on as this book is meant for kids. That being said it’s not bad, as like I said, I am not a fan of the art style.

I do recommend this book to others. This is a fun read to pass my time and definitely works despite its flaws. If you don’t mind the cartoony moments like I do this could be an easy five star. That’s just my opinion however.

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