The American Bison by Andy Hirsch

Name: Joshua

Grade: 10th

Title: The American Bison

Author: Andy Hirsch

Published in: 2021

Pages: 122

Rating: 3 stars

Ever wondered what exactly are these animals named Bisons and despite being hunted for decades, America was finally able to put an end to the hunting? If those meet your requirements and you want a quick story and none of those 3 hour documentaries this is the book for you! The narrator is a girl whose family accidentally crashes into grounds that only Bison have access to. This story is about the narrator trying to explain what Bison are to her parents, who don’t know what is going on. From being hunted to near extinction to laws being passed to give them a second chance of survival.

The book is pretty good. While it isn’t something I feel like I’d remember this is still a pretty fun read especially since I was bored. As important as this is to history I can’t really relate to the characters as for the most part this is just a documentary that is supposed to educate younger audiences. However, ignoring the fact I can’t exactly relate to certain characters, this is definitely a fun read.

I recommend this book as it teaches kids about history. This book is essentially an educational documentary that is kind of changed into a graphic novel/comic to appeal to most kids and teens. This is definitely something parents can purchase for their youngsters as it is something they are willing to learn more about compared to a 500 page book talking about everything on earth. Definitely a great book for any youth.

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