Girls Save the World on This One by Ash Parsons

Name: Aracely

Grade: 10th

Title: Girls Save the World on This One

Author: Ash Parsons

Published in: 2020

Pages: 426

Rating: 5 stars

“Girls Save The World on This One” is about a teen-girl named June going to see a fan meet up of their favorite play, ZombieCon, along with her best friends, Imani and Siggy. Even though the girls were not the only ones excited, many fans around them seemed to be super fans that went above and beyond; dressing up with heavy make-up, acting like a zombie, and even biting people. But soon they realize that zombies became real in their world, and now June, Imani, and Siggy, along with June’s ex-friend Blair and the ZombieCon stage actors have to work their way out to survive and save the world.

This book was amazing. Really liked the way Parsons used to show June’s struggles and thinking during rough moments. Quick strategies and thinking to help people appears often in June’s mind, and I really appreciate that it is something that people around the world struggle with and we should fix, like hate and gender situations. The book’s set up makes you feel very tense at every scene of danger, while also stressing you out of what comes next. I really liked how Parsons also included June’s ex-friend Blaire to show the importance of caring for others even if they hate you or are enemies. It is very heartwarming how the characters care and support each other despite being stressed and scared during hard times, it reminds people of their issues and struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone, especially teens. It is a very imaginative book that contains lots of life related problems that anyone who reads this will relate to the situation June and the other characters were in. This reminds me of the book “Life as We Knew It” By Susan Beth Pfeffer, so if you like reading books that contain struggles with life after a disaster, it’s the perfect time to read “Girls Save The World on This One,” especially at this time during the Covid pandemic.

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