Spirit Fingers Webcomic Review

WEBTOON on Twitter: "NEW LAUNCH 🎨 SPIRIT FINGERS Introducing the Spirit  Fingers — the strangest, hippest, coolest (yet most welcoming) art club  ever.… https://t.co/XGza3LoMrl"Name: Tuesday

Grade: 9

Title: Spirit Fingers

Author: Han Kyoung Chai

Published: 2019, find it on webtoons here

Stars: 5


Spirit Fingers follows Amy Song, an awkward teenage girl and her experiences joining the art club, Spirit Fingers. As an artist, I eagerly await every episode of this comic. The art is so well done and the emotions of the characters are so realistic. I love coming of age stories, so this comic, which shows a girl finding herself through art and friendship is perfect. The members of the Spirit Fingers club are all so quirky as well. They each have their own personality whether it be the energetic mint finger, charming blue finger, goofy pink finger, insane red finger, or the edgy black finger.
The storyline is cute and easy to follow, and each episode is the perfect length. The art is also wonderful. The style is a really cute mix of soft colors and flowing linework. All the colors perfectly match the scenes, and the shading is really nice. The character designs are also so nice. My favorite is probably pink finger, with her cute vintage dresses, pointed red glasses, and auburn bun. Each of the cafe rooms are also so cute. If you want a comic with an interesting storyline about a teenager finding herself through art, paired with a beautiful artstyle, please give spirit fingers a try.

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