Rebel Girls by Elizabeth Keenan Rebel Girls (9781335185006): Keenan, Elizabeth: BooksName: Tuesday

Grade: 9

Title: Rebel Girls

Author: Elizabeth Keenan

Published: 2019

Pages: 432

Stars: 4


Rebel Girls follows feminist teen, Athena Graves, on her mission to stop people from caring about a rumor. So what if her sister had an abortion over the summer? In her pro life sister’s eyes, this rumor is really important, but in Athena’s, this is not a big deal. She sees this as her sister’s choice, and nobody else’s business–but in Baton Rouge in 1992 , it’s anything but not a big deal.

I loved this book. It had so many good 90’s punk rock references, as well as a great story. This book doesn’t just follow a girl, it follows the early 90’s feminist movement and the stories that formed because of it. In the time of the Me Too movement, this book shows the relevance of feminism and how it influenced people in the past. This book checks everything on my list. It has memorable, unique characters and a wicked plot. This book isn’t too long, but just long enough to have a cohesive plot that all ties together in the end. If you like period pieces, and badass teen girls, you’ll love this book. This book is a perfect quick read, and a read you won’t be quick to forget.


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